G2 Research Announces Upcoming 12-Ga Slug & Calls Out Cheap Customers

    G2 Research, known for its morbidly named R.I.P. rounds (Radically Invasive Projectile) has been working steadily to expand its stable of machined projectiles. Launched to 9mm, the company expanded to rifle rounds and is now going full-circle on its first offering for the shotgun, which so far has no clever naming.

    Dubbed the “Extreme Performance Self-Defense 12 Gauge Round,” the upcoming offering is an all brass 303-grain CNC-machined slug, “…designed for incredible performance against soft targets”. It certainly may have that, with 12 gauge’s .725″ bore diameter being a full 1/4″ larger than the venerable .50 caliber.

    Similar to its R.I.P. offering for the 9mm, the round features six “trocars” which when released into a soft target purport to have “…incredible and instant devastation.” Where the 9mm trocars might be a bit skinny, the larger 12 gauge ones may have a bit more punch.

    The round is being marketed as solely a self-defense round. Penetration is stated as 14-19 inches presumably through ballistics gelatin. Recoil is “greatly reduced” due to the light-for-caliber 303 grain slug.

    IMPORTANT NOTES: This round is designed for self-defense only and has a true effective performance expansion range of 10 yards. Several reasons for this: Much beyond that range the slug will begin to yaw which can affect correct strike angle for it to open as designed. Beyond the design distance of 10 yards it will still do massive damage however.

    Second, it is not designed to be used for hunting, sporting or barrier penetration–it is designed for self-defense. Self-defense means just that and it is difficult to convince a jury that self-defense much past 30 feet really is self-defense.

    Will it penetrate hard objects such as doors, walls, etc.? Of course but it may not expand as designed and, shooting through doors and walls presents a difficult legal case of self-defense in court.

    This round must NOT be fired in guns with rifling, compensators, chokes or modified barrel cylinders, etc. The only type of barrel safely used is a modern smooth bore riot type shotgun barrel.

    I do, however, take umbrage at the comment in G2 Research’s press release. G2 States:

    The $49.99 price for five-rounds is painful but this is not intended for shooting at tin cans and cinder blocks. The typical scenario is the average person will go to the range and launch a round or two at a target of some type and load the remainder into their gun for the time should the need arise.

    Mike Nickerson, G2 Marketing Director then says, ““This 12 gauge round is very specific in its design and mission; that of a person defending his life and/or that of his family. The real question is how much value we put on put on our own life or that of those we are protecting.” Frankly, calling someone cheap before your product actually has an established testing base by implying all other rounds are inferior due to price reeks of haughtiness.


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