C Products Now Offering Taurus PT738 Magazines

    C Products

    Right or wrong, Taurus International Manufacturing (aka “Taurus”) catches a lot of heat from shooters regarding a perceived lack of spare parts. One of the ongoing complaints I have heard from some Taurus handgun owners is the lack of availability of OEM magazines.

    C Products Defense is looking to alleviate that problem with the popular PT738 pistol by offering replacement mags for the .380 ACP handguns.

    C Products Defense is an OEM supplier of magazines for several companies and offers many aftermarket products. While the company only lists rifle magazines on its website, the company does manufacture other .380 ACP handgun magazines for firearms manufacturers.

    I do not know if they supply magazines to Taurus or not. However, there are many gun companies that outsource magazine manufacturing to companies that specialize in their manufacture. Mec-Gar is another magazine manufacturer that provides OEM mags to gun companies. Mec-Gar also makes a magazine for this pistol.

    I own a few of the C Products Defense 5-round AR magazines in 7.62×39 and have had good results with them. I hope the new Taurus magazines work as well.

    These new magazines are made in the United States of America. The company did not release a suggested retail price for the magazines. According to C Products Defense, the magazines are already in the hands of its distributors. So, you should be able to pick these up online or at your local gun shop in the near future.

    Richard Johnson

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