Anime Meets Guns with “Mag Pants”

    Comically named “Hardcore Tactics” is not looking for a way to get into your pants, but for a way for you to get into theirs. Their new product, dubbed “Mag Pants” (no doubt short for “Magazine Pants”) are a funny and quintessentially Japanese rip-off of the beloved original MagPul.. For those not familiar, the MagPul gave a very popular company its namesake.

    Going for the distinctly non-tactical market, the Mag Pants are offered only in bright or pastel colors. Those seeking Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, or even the utilitarian Black should look elsewhere. Mag Pants are only available in Hot Pink, Robin’s Egg Blue, and Pure White. Despite a lack of colors, the Mag Pants do seem to like both Russian and American magazines…

    Unfortunately, those seeking to get their magazines into some hot Mag Pants will be waiting for information. Using the rough Google Translate:

    We are planning to make a reservation at a store handled soon. Price is currently under adjustment and not disclosed, but we will decide before reservation starts. In addition, we will update updates from time to time on this item so please check it.

    Manufactured from “compatible synthetic rubber” the Mag Pants are touted to:

    Let’s make your pants panty without thinking about difficult things!

    Details here direct from the source at Hardcore Tactics. 


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