Is The P320 Unsafe? | A New Failure And We Cover What Has Happened So Far

    The question that seems to be popping up reasonably often right now seems to be”Is the P320 unsafe?” Well, we can’t really answer that with certainty, but we can tell you everything that has come to light as of the morning of August 9th, 2017.

    We also are going to take a closer look at how the pistol fails as a result of a sharp blow to the rear of the slide. For those of you that say “well just don’t hit it with a hammer” think through the implications of a pistol that will fire with a sharp blow. Would you want to get into a physical altercation while wearing one as a duty weapon? How about a car accident where the pistol comes free of your holster and impacts something? These are real world concerns that shouldn’t be something we worry about.

    DPD removed P320 from approved list 

    Sig issues statement that P320 is safe on 8/4/17

    Omaha Outdoors drop test

    Other drop test resurfaces

    Sig sued by Police Officer shot by falling P320

    Sig offers voluntary upgrade

    P320 fails when struck with hammer

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