POTD: A Closer Look At A Webley MKI

    Keith Biddle, of Keith Products Co., recently acquired this old Webley Mark 1 from a neighboring friend. His friend discovered the old revolver and no longer wanted it. Keith bought it for $100. Unfortunately the Mark 1 is in poor shape and it is doubtful it can be fired safely. The bore is rather rusted over. But Keith did not buy it for the purpose of firing it. It is more of a glorified paperweight with a history. Keith loves revolvers and the Webley is an iconic revolver. Heck, I would have bought it for $100 and it is better than a replica. Webley still makes the iconic revolver but as an air gun and they cost $100.

    The Webley has some after market wood grips that contour your hand. I suspect the previous owner, who actually shot it might have been a bullseye shooter.

    Even though the finish is long gone and there is a lot of oxidation, you can still make out a lot of markings stamped into the Webley.

    Does anyone know what those side wing protrusions in front of the cylinder are for?


    The rear sight is also the locking mechanism for the top break action.


    There are a lot of arrow markings on the screws and parts of the frame. I am not sure what they are for. Screws are often marked to keep track that they are properly torqued. I have seen some people use paint pens to mark their position in relation to the frame they are installed in. Could that be the purpose of these screw markings?

    The top strap has a very large arrow indicating the direction the cylinder rotates.

    Here is the simple V shaped spring that holds the rear sight action lock in place.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What do you think, was this worth $100?