My P320 Failed Without Even Dropping It | OK, One More Test ….

    With all the information coming to light where the P320 failed when dropped, It got me thinking. What if you could replicate the failure with a sharp blow on the back of the slide? I talked to some people that have conducted professional drop tests and was told that sometimes a hammer or mallet is used for the testing.

    I grabbed my well used Brownells 1″ gunsmith hammer and loaded a primed case into the chamber, then smacked it on the back of the slide. Sure, it isn’t super scientific, but it does show that the pistol will fail on command.

    I find it rather hard to believe that Sig didn’t know that there was an issue and had parts and a trigger ready to go that remedies the issue.

    I personally believe based on some statements from within Sig that were made off-record and not publishable as a result that Sig was aware of the potential failure since at least January when Officer Sheperis was injured after his P320 discharged inside a holster when dropped.

    This is uncool and I have serious reservations about the P320 as a result of the insistence that nothing was wrong with the pistol. Had they taken an approach similar to Ruger’s with the Mark IV recall, I would have had a lot more respect for the company. It is my own personal opinion, not TFB’s, that Sig should conduct an EoTech style buyback of any P320 owners that would like to take advantage of said offer. That MIGHT go a long way towards rebuilding my trust in the brand.

    Check out the quick video and tell me that you would feel comfortable carrying a pistol that is capable of failing in such a manner. Heck, even a moderately weighty object falls off a shelf and impacts the back of your gun while it is in the holster and you might have a new hole in you.