Chaos AK Pistol with a “Magazine Brace”

    A company called Chaos makes custom Micro Draco AK pistols. The most unusual feature of these AKs which immediately jumps out is the brace that houses an AK magazine!

    The Chaos magazine brace is also folding and removable. Probably it features some sort of a quick detach mechanism to remove and use the magazine. Just imagine how tacticool that kind of magazine change procedure would look.

    Among other features of these AK pistols are the top Picatinny rail and a forearm with KeyMod slots. It also comes with HK-style iron sights. The MSRP on the Chaos’s website is $1,495.99. Right now they are out of stock but can be custom made upon order. The brace is not available separately.

    This magazine brace is one of those accessories that is somewhat intriguing, but at the same time, it is hard to imagine a situation that it can really be useful in. I understand that it allows you to always have a magazine attached to the gun and in a case of emergency (say you don’t have time to access your chest rig or whatnot), it will give you an additional magazine. But it just seems awkward to me. Also, imagine the weight of a loaded 7.62×39 magazine (roughly 1.5 lbs for the 30 rounder) added to the stock area of a firearm that is supposed to be light and handy – not too convenient to say the least.

    What do you think about this magazine brace? Do you think it is actually something useful? Let us know in the comments section.

    Hrachya H

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