Taran Tactical Base Pads for the S&W Shield

    Taran Tactical

    Taran Tactical Innovations, known throughout the firearms industry for great accessories, has finally tackled Smith & Wesson M&P Shield magazines. They have produced a base pad for factory Smith & Wesson magazines that wins on curb appeal and adds more rounds (9mm +2, .40 S&W +1).

    It is important to note that their new base pads “will only work on Shield OEM 8 Round 9mm and 7 Round .40 S&W magazine bodies,” as stated by Taran Tactical Innovations. So if you have aftermarket Shield magazines or lesser round-count magazines, it may work… but do not act surprised if it does not.

    Taran Tactical

    Taran Tactical Innovations M&P Shield 9mm/40 S&W Firepower Base Pad Kit in Red

    They offer these new base pads in the complete tactical color rainbow:

    • Flat Black
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Red
    • Titanium Blue
    • Titanium Purple
    • Titanium Gray
    • Coyote Bronze

    The base pad kit comes with four pieces: base pad, set screw, wrench & set piece for the base pad. The MSRP price of $29.99 stands for any color that you would like to get.

    These basepads are made from CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum so they will be more durable than a polymer base pad. Also, the aluminum will give it added weight to drop more freely for faster reloads.

    If you would rather buy a complete, finished magazine versus doctoring your own you can go that route also. Taran Tactical sells completed magazines for $57.99 in the same colors offered in the base pad kits.

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