Slide Mounted Red Dots by Russel Phagan

    Thanks to Tom R. for sharing this.

    Russel Phagan has been using slide mounted red dots on his pistols since 2010. He explains in the video above how they are a huge advantage and even mentions the few draw backs to running an optic on your handgun.

    He started with an RMR then tried the Aimpoint T1 mounted on a KE arms slide.

    He makes a point to mention frame mounted optics cannot fit in carry holsters and while that is true, I am not sure why that is a criteria for competition but there are ways to secure and holster a frame mounted optic pistol.

    His final evolution is for a division called Stealth and he built a Roland Special like pistol for this division. He dubbed it the “Stealth Special”. It is a Glock 19 with compensator and a red dot.

    The Stealth Special looks rather effective in the footage he showed at the end of the video above. I do find it interesting how much competition has influenced the evolution of duty/carry pistols. First it was optics on handguns and now muzzle brakes. One advantage that the Roland Special type pistols have over your dedicated race guns is the ability to mount a light. Many open style pistols like the STI DVC, SVI pistols and other 2011 race guns do not have rails to mount lights. They are like Nascar race cars, built for speed but no working lights.

    As Russel mentions in his video, the Stealth Special is a fantastic little gun that he considered carrying it.

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