Omaha Outdoors P-320 Drop Test Video / It failed when dropped on the butt of the gun

Phil White
by Phil White

Just when we thought the P-320 saga was put to bed Omaha Outdoors released a video showing the standard model being dropped on the butt of the pistol. The competition model passed the test they explain in their blog post.

After talking with Hugh at Omaha Outdoors they performed the drops in the video from thigh high which resulted in the primer going off. They were safe and did not use live rounds simply primed cases. After the test they tried contacting SIG but have not been able to so far.

Not having been involved in the testing I’m not going to speculate just show you the video and let you draw your own conclusions. Omaha also did a blog post which you can read here: Omaha Blog Post

Hugh was kind enough to give us permission to show the video of the test. When SIG replies we’ll let you know.

Phil White
Phil White

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