Federal Agent Shoots Himself In The Foot At Orlando International Airport


    Talk about “shooting yourself in the foot”. According to local Fox News 35 Orlando, a Federal Agent was removing a slung shoulder bag when it caught the grip of his holstered pistol. It removed the pistol and the agent tried to catch it as it fell.


    Well this agent never learned that or trained himself to override that natural instinct. He managed to catch his service pistol but pulled the trigger and sent a round that hit his heel.

    Spot of carpet that was ripped up from the shot.

    The Federal Agent is reported to be an Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officer on vacation. Are they still allowed to carry their service pistols in an airport? Looking at the photo, the agent is rather large. Aren’t there fitness standards to be in ICE or is that part of the subterfuge and allows him to blend in better?

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