Blue Force Gear Releases Limited Edition AK Sling Version 6

    What is old is new again seems to be coming around on a more frequent basis. With “retro” builds and their parts seeing a resurgence amongst builders, it would seem that the market is clamoring for something a bit more than the “next best thing.” If fact, this trend would seem to state that the market is looking for the “last best thing.”

    Seeing an opportunity to fuse the old and new is Blue Force Gear. Known for their partnership with Larry Vickers creating the Vickers Combat Application Sling, Blue Force Gear is adapting this new take on weapon webbing to something a bit older – circa 1947. Their new AK Sling Version 6 is a limited edition offering fusing old-world fashion with new-world know-how.

    This Limited Edition Standard AK Sling Version 6 uses Ranger Green Webbing to look like the weapon slings of old. However, it keeps all the Vickers sling tricks of adjustment this time opting for a leather pull tab.

    For mounting, the sling opts for its innate webbing for the stock interface (which should work with just about any common AK stock) and a modern ULoop for the front sling swivel. The ULoop will keep noise and weapons clatter to a minimum – a welcome choice compared to MASH or similar hooks that have direct metal-on-metal contact.

    Only 500 of these slings will be available. Pricing is set at $65 direct from Blue Force Gear. 


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