TBRCi Releases Micro Magwell for Glocks Gen 1-3

    I’m not sure if Glock enjoys the fact that so many of its customers select the previous generation of its products or it loathes it. Most companies that release new products tend to quickly move past the previous generation, but good ol’ “perfect” Glock seems to believe that the new Gen 4 may not be “perfect” by keeping the Generation 3 guns in full-rate production.

    As such, accessory companies have often been skipping the latest generation with their development for accessories. Latest is Texas Black Rifle Company, or TRBCi, who has released a snazzy little carry magazine well for the Generation 1-3 glocks. Named the “Micro Magwell” the new product is exactly that, a small accessory for adding just a bit more “flare” for easy reloading while not excessively changing the pistol’s shape. Thus, a flared magwell is a potentially good option for EDC.

    Construction is of the usual high-speed, low-drag materials. The body is 7075-T6 aluminum with the military standard type 3 hard coat anodizing to keep the magwell black under the most rigorous insertions. The Mico Magwell is compatible only with the 9mm offerings including the 17, 19, 23, and 32.

    The Micro Magwell is currently on pre-order, priced at $75.00 for those opting in early. Retail is pegged at $87.50. Shipment is forecasted for August 14th, 2017. 


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