SVD Rifle Chambered in .300 Winchester Magnum

    Sureshot Armament Group is working on a project of chambering an SVD rifle in .300 Win Mag. Initially, this was just a project for them. However, according to the company’s officials, the amount of interest towards the project may eventually lead them to sell the converted rifles and even make brand new .300 Win Mag receivers.

    SAG started with a Tigr rifle (civilian copy of the SVD). They used Tigr-9 (the civilian version of SVDK) 9.3x64mm Brenneke magazines, which also fit five rounds of .300 Win Mag. Next, they widened the magazine well to accommodate the larger SVDK magazine. The new barrel is 25.5″ long with a 1:8.5″ twist rate. They’ve also designed a new clamp-on gas block. After all the modifications, the rifle weighs 5.2 kg (about 11.5 lbs) with an empty magazine attached.

    The enlarged magazine well with the 9.3x64mm Brenneke magazine

    The new gas block (halfway machined)

    Interestingly, they didn’t change the original SVD bolt. It turns out that the 7.62x54R bolt works fine (feeds, extracts, ejects) with the .300 Win Mag cartridge.

    The forearm is SAG SVD Chassis Mk1 and the stock is SAG SVD Adjustable Buttstock. Both accessories are shown below.

    In the video below, they are single loading the .300 Win Mag cartridges and doing some sort of safety testing. The gas port is not drilled yet, that’s why the action doesn’t cycle.

    I think SAG does a great job on improving and extending the capabilities of the SVD platform. We’ll keep our readers up to date concerning the further development of this project.

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