Bass Pro Shops Stocking Silencers?

    Sharp eyed TFB reader “RB” spotted an Instagram post showing SilencerCo suppressors and accessories on display at a Bass Pro Shop location. The original posting picture, ironically enough, was made by The Farm Gun Works, a firearms dealer in Naples, Florida specializing in the sale and transfer of NFA regulated items such as silencers. According to Bass Pro staff at the Estero, FL location, there are six locations that have begun carrying silencers (updated below to 10 stores nation wide via Capitol Armory).

    The arrival of silencers at large retail sporting goods stores like Bass Pro is a significant event. As recently as a few years ago, NFA firearms like suppressors, were unique to smaller FFL/SOT dealers where customers come to shop specifically for  “niche” items. Obviously, these high-traffic locations will give manufacturers like SilencerCo increased visibility.

    Prices posted by Bass Pro are slightly on the high side, but not outlandish compared to other retail outlets. However, like the guys at The Farm alluded to in their Instagram post, one has to wonder if Bass Pro is prepared for the questions that will come from potential buyers.

    As you all know, silencers are a unique item that requires research and forethought to end up with the right tool for the right job. For most gun owners, buying a suppressor is not an impulse purchase: threaded barrels, caliber restrictions and host compatibility all need to be considered prior to buying. If I had to guess, people will “window shop” for silencers at the larger stores while they are there shopping for other guns and accessories. They will then return to the store to complete the purchase or more likely buy from an online retailer after researching options and pricing.

    It will also be interesting to see if Bass Pro will offer other manufacturers of silencers alongside SilencerCo. Right now it looks as if Gerber and KaBar are their only in-store competitor.

    If you are in the Naples, FL area, stop in and checkout The Farm Gun Works. Links are below.

    Bass Pro

    The Farm Gun Works – Facebook 


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