Strike Industries EMP S&W Shield Magazine Extension Now Shipping

    Strike Industries has announced that the new EMP base plates for the S&W Shield are now shipping so I guess one could say that STRIKE’S GOT EXTENDOS! Mighty fine looking extendos that look like they could very well be factory if it wasn’t for the SI logo discreetly placed on the side.

    Following on the success of the EMP +2 magazine extension for the Glock 42 and 43, the new Shield EMP extensions seamlessly integrate with the ergonomics, texture, and styling of the M&P Shield while adding 2 rounds to the 9mm version and 1 round to the .40 Shield by only changing out the factory flat base plate for the EMP magazine extension.

    Package include
    – 1x Magazine Plate Extension for M&P Shield
    – 1x Locking Plate
    – 1x Locking Plate Screw

    – Plus 2 round capacity 9mm, +1 .40S&W
    – Extended grip surface that matches Weapon’s grip pattern
    – Impact resistant polymer
    – Compatible with both standard and extended length factory magazines

    With as many magazine options as there are on the market, the EMP brings a distinctly OEM feel to the table that many shooters will no doubt appreciate. Just like an OEM part, the EMP extension is mold3ed from polymer and shares the grip texture and styling almost perfectly.

    With an MSRP of only $14.95, the EMP magazine extension is available now directly from Strike Industries. Check them out on the web HERE to learn more.