Live Fire Test of Fischer Development Glock QD Suppressor

    Remember the Fischer Development QD suppressor for the Glock? Erik B. posted an article about it back in March. Click here to refresh your memory.

    Fischer Development has posted a video of a live fire test. Ignore the tactical masturbation at the beginning. The concept is rather interesting. The suppressor attaches to the accessory rail of the Glock. I am still skeptical of how well it can seal the the gas and pressure since there is a gap between the barrel and the suppressor. I think it would not work well like suppressing a revolver. Other than certain revolvers like the Nagant revolver, most revolvers have cylinder gap. This defeats the use of a suppressor. I also have issue with the shooter installing the suppressor while the Glock was loaded and chambered. His had is in front of the muzzle of a loaded weapon.


    Another issue is in this screenshot. You can see the gasses escaping out the front of the suppressor. However look at the bottom. Gas is also leaking out the bottom of the can. I am not sure if that is supposed to happen.

    I hope these are imported or made under license in the US. I would like to see how effective they are compared to traditional pistol suppressors.

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