New Trigger from Rise Armament

    Rise Armament RA-434Rise Armament RA-434

    Rise Armament recently announced the company released its new AR trigger group called the RA-434 High Performance Trigger (HPT).

    The new RA-434 HPT is a drop in style, single stage trigger group that is designed to work with most AR platforms based on the 5.56 NATO and .308 Win rounds. So -most- AR-10 and AR-15 rifles should be compatible. If you own an outlier, chances are you already are aware of other compatibility issues. If you have doubts, contact Rise Armament and let them know what you have.

    Internal parts are nickel boron coated to reduce friction during the pull. With a 3.5 pound pull weight, Rise Armament describes the pull as “ultra smooth” with a “crisp, clean release.”

    The trigger is straight and can be had in either a silver or black finish. Parts are all CNC machined from tool steel and aluminum, and the housing has a black hard coat anodized finish.Rise Armament uses a hammer with relief cuts in this group. The unit has a built in drop safety feature. Overall, the unit weighs 2.4 ounces.

    Rise Armament recommends that you use KNS pins to help prevent any walking. The unit has a suggested retail price of $169. If you order the KNS pins at the same time, they will cost you an additional $30 bringing the total to $199. The trigger group is made in the United States.

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