AlphaWolf Barrels for the S&W Shield from Lone Wolf Distributors

    Lone Wolf Distributors has been known for their Glock parts and accessories over the years. Parts like their adjustable triggers, stainless steel guide rods, and even entire replacement¬†Glock frames. They also just released a stainless steel billet Glock Extractor. Well now they’re not just Glock parts makers anymore, they’ve just released their new AlphaWolf line of barrels for the S&W M&P Shield pistols. The AlphaWolf line of replacement barrels from Lone Wolf are made in the USA out of certified, stress relieved 416 stainless steel and are button rifled as well as fluted. They can be used with lead, plated as well as jacketed ammo with no issues.

    The new M&P Shield AlphaWolf barrels are available in three different configurations: stock length, threaded and conversion. They’re available for both 9mm and .40 S&W Shields. The conversion models allow you to easily convert your .40 S&W Shields to use 9mm ammo. Which would help cut down on ammo cost, and allow you to shoot the superior 9mm round (yeah I said it). Check out Patrick’s video on the various ways to convert your 40 S&W to 9mm.

    The threaded barrel models also come with a thread protector. The new AlphaWolf barrels for the Shield retail for $139.95 for the stock length models and $159.95 for the threaded and conversion models. Check them out at

    Also, I was kidding about the .40 S&W jab.

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