WOLF-9SD – Dead Air Armament’s New Subgun Silencer

    Shooting subsonic ammunition in a properly suppressed host is a real eye opening event for the uninitiated. My first suggestion to anyone jumping into the silencer world is to pick a gun that can reliably run ammo specifically loaded to stay at around 1050 feet per second (or less). That could mean a .22LR bolt action rifle or a .300 Blackout short barreled AR15. But when it comes to pistol caliber hosts, submachine gun or pistol caliber carbines, especially the H&K roller delayed/locked varieties, are unmatched for quiet semiautomatic fun. The Dead Air team is launching a new subgun silencer into the market – the Wolf-9SD promises rugged modularity alongside expert level suppression.

    Everyone who thinks that the era of modern rifle-caliber personal defense weapons has arrived, raise your hand. Now everyone who believes that submachine guns or pistol caliber carbines (PCC) still have a viable place in the defensive firearms world, raise your hand (Step off, Nathaniel F.). Well, congratulations, you’re both right. Aside from the .300BLK platform, rifle caliber guns don’t suppress short barreled rifles well enough to be hearing safe. And rifle cartridges will almost always be ballistically superior to their pistol caliber cousins.

    Nevertheless, the suppressed subgun/PCC market is still hot and Dead Air is banking on it staying that way into the future.

    Dead Air Armament Wolf-9SD –

    Old school styling combined with new technology. The Wolf-9SD is what your 9mm sub gun has been missing. The solid welded core is built to withstand the abuse of full auto fire and keep going for years of service. Extreme silence is epitomized in the long configuration, or unscrew the removable front module and embrace the thrill of making your sub gun more compact.

    More updates to follow…

    We will have to wait a little longer for specific weights-and-measures information, but if Dead Air history holds true, we can bank on a rugged silencer with a competitive weight, sweet suppression and adaptability to boot.

    Check back in later in the week for additional details.


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