Swarovski Crystal Studded SV Infinity Grip

    For the shooter who has everything and money burning a hole in his or her pocket. This Swarovski crystal studded SV Infinity can be yours for only $3038 USD. Oh and it is an airsoft gun. Yes . . . airsoft.

    I am not sure where all that money goes into this gun. It is made by Airsoft Surgeon and it costs more than my real STI Steel Master. Real open division SV Infinitys cost this much. I guess maybe the machining and quality is applied to these like the real thing? However in my experience, airsoft guns are not made as well as their real steel counterparts. These could be the exception.

    Swarovski crystals are not expensive though. You can go to a Joann Fabrics or any craft store and buy Swarovski crystals for not a lot of money. Especially the type used in this grip.

    So who would buy this? Not sure but Red Wolf Airsoft is sold out of them. Click here to check it out.


    Nicholas C

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