Lone Wolf Introduces New AlphaWolf Extractor Milled From Stainless Steel

    Lone Wolf knows that every one of us Glock owners has looked at their Glock and decided that it just didn’t have enough bling and that they were slightly concerned about the well-being of their extractor as the slide slammed home on a loaded chamber for the 537th time. So what did they do about it?  They rolled out the stainless steel AlphaWolf 9mm extractor for all 9mm and .380 Glocks (except for the single stack G42 and G43.)

    Oh come on, you can admit it. We are all friends here. You know you have done it.

    Since Glock has moved to an MIM (Metal Injection Molded) part some time ago, Lone Wolf designed an extractor that is milled from solid 17-4 stinless billet steel and finished with a high polish to make sure that you have all the bling on your Glock that your heart desires. I mean, a milled part is nice, but does it have tangible, tested benefits? Yep! Lone Wolf painstakingly dropped a slide on a loaded chamber over 1,500 times during their testing process to make sure that you can always rely on your Glock to get the fired brass out of the gun and ready for a new one.

    Some of the features that Lone Wolf detail on their website are listed below:

    • High Polished finish
    • Loaded Chamber Indicator
    • Smoother extraction
    • Better lubricity
    • Less friction
    • Flawless functionality
    • Improved reliability

    The new AlphaWolf extractor fits all 9mm Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glock pistols as well as the Glock 35 or Glock 28 if you happen to be lucky enough to have one in your collection. You can see more photos of the AlphaWolf extractor by visiting the Lone Wolf website. MSRP is currently $34.95 with a price increase to $39.95 on August 1, 2017.