More Firearm Designs From Technostudio Engineering

    Our post about Technostudio’s CAD/Cam renderings of their wild firearms designs caught widespread attention. I’ll remind everyone now that those guns, along with the ones pictured here, are equivalent to car makers releasing glossy graphics for futuristic concept vehicles. However, the Technostudio Engineering leadership is pushing full steam ahead, looking for both funding and prospective customers.

    The Gecko pictured below is an integrally suppressed pistol that Technostudio Engineering hopes to be able to retail for $250. Obviously details are slim in the design phase, but I will definitely be following the progress of the Gecko.

    Tenchnostudio Engineering

    TSE – Gecko

    TSE – Gecko

    The Italian company firm also shared images of a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) based on their pistol design. Some of the features are a bit confusing and may not survive their way into production, such as the collapsible stock that also appears to be the top rail. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of room for the fire control group and the striker behind the magazine and chamber.

    Not to mention that I’d like to hear more about the triggerless design functions. And the ergonomics may need additional study to identify a typical shooter’s arm length for a suitable length of pull.

    Technostudio Engineering

    I only wish that the company would open up a website or social media outlet to keep us updated on their progress. Hint, hint.


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