3-Lug 9mm And 45cal Slim Mounts From SilencerCo

    As old as the H&K style 3-Lug mounting system is, it still has overwhelming popularity with pistol caliber carbine, sub machine gun and personal defense weapon (PDW) fans who prefer to run suppressed. The simplistic springloaded system is the perfect matchup for compact weapons that break down in to carry bags but may need to be rapidly deployed – silencer and all.

    SilencerCo has just released a new version of 3-lug mount compatible with the Omega K, Octane and Hybrid series of suppressors. Yes, SiCo already offers a 3-Lug mount, but the older attachment system is completely external from the silencer tube. The new mount fits almost completely inside the blast chamber saving nearly two inches of added length.

    Sure, other manufacturers have made flush tri-lug¬†mounts compatible with SilencerCo silencers for a few years. But it’s nice knowing that factory options are finally available. Details, specifications and pricing are listed below.

    New SilencerCo 3-Lug Mount

    • MSRP: $140
    • PART NUMBER: AC2447/AC2448
    • CALIBERS: 9mm/45cal
    • FEATURES: All-new design for a shorter overall length.
    • COMPATIBLE: Octane series, Omega K series, and Hybrid
    • NOTE: The 45ACP 3-lug mount is compatible with the B&T APC 45 3-lug barrel. Our mount will NOT fit on the Griffin Armament 45 caliber 3-lug barrel adapter, due to the smaller size of the adapter.


    In comparison to the old SilencerCo design, the new release looks positively svelte.

    Previously, the new 3-Lug design was only available as a package deal with the SilencerCo Summit Series B&T APC45 and the Omega 45K. The limited release is only available from Capitol Armory for $3,175.

    And.completely unrelated, SilencerCo has started a podcast discussing all types of firearm news. Checkout SiCo Radio when you have a free minute.


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