The Bayonext Out The Front Bayonet

    The AR-15 and M-16 variant rifles were originally designed for use with a bayonet, but with free float full-length hand guards being all the rage with tactical operators these days no one ever uses a bayonet anymore. Well the folks over at Bayonext have just the answer for you with their Bayonext Out The Front Bayonet. Because no one rocks a bayonet lug anymore (if you are, get with the program gramps and get a tactical rail) the Bayonext was designed to mount to most modern rail systems on the market by way of a standard one inch tactical light mount. So in case you run out of ammo during the zombie apocalypse or patrolling the mall you’ll have a deployable 7.5 inch pike ready to go.

    In all seriousness, what the heck? The current trend with longer hand guards does make it harder to mount a bayonet, but hanging a 14″ accessory off to the side of your rifle seems like a good way to add weight and throw off the balance of your rifle. Even if it allows you to stab stuff with the press of a button. If you really need to add a bayonet to your rifle there is the Geissele Picatinny Bayonet Mount we posted about last year. If adding a bayonet to your rifle is something you’ve been meaning to do the Bayonext retails for $369 over at Check it out in action in the videos below.

    Ray I.

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