Special Forces SR Commander from Ed Brown

    Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander

    Ed Brown Products Inc. announced the latest 1911 style pistol called the Special Forces SR Commander. This new Commander type handgun is part of the company’s Special Forces SR line up.

    The new gun uses a full size grip with a barrel and slide shortened to 4.25″. Even so, the barrel is threaded for a sound suppressor (hence the “SR” designation that stands for “suppressor ready.”) Playing to the sound suppression aspect of the gun, tall sights are standard to make sure you can aim over the can.

    Of course, the gun comes with a Trijicon RMR sight, so I don’t know how frequently a shooter will be using the traditional sights anyway. The RMR is a solid sight and considered by some to be the best available for a defensive handgun.

    Ed Brown Special Forces SR Commander

    These pistols are available in both 9mm and .45 ACP. Ed Brown Products offers a wide range of customizable features. With the options shown in the photo here, the price is $4,425 (including the RMR.) A suppressor is an additional cost.

    According to John May, the sales and marketing director of Ed Brown Products, the new gun is a predictable expansion of the Special Forces SR line. “This model shows what we can do with the addition of a few custom options from our list of over 100 available, making it clear we are a force in the industry and will offer our customers the opportunity to get not only the finest custom 1911 available anywhere, but the coolest as well,” said May.

    Richard Johnson

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