Zbroyar Z-10 Rifles in Use by Ukrainian Forces, SF Interested

    Several media outlets have reported that elements of the Ukranian Special Operations Forces are interested in procuring locally produced, Kiev based Zbroyar 7.62x51mm Z-10 rifles. The Z-10 is a locally manufactured AR10 derivative, spawning off a growing industry of Ukranian AR manufacturers in both 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm. We’ve covered the company’s 10.5″ SBR in a previous post, in addition to the rifles being suppressed and used by a possible Russian or even Ukranian PMC individual. Zbroyar is a private Ukranian company that has been in existence since 2004, focusing on a wide range of rifle applications. Currently, it appears that only some of the rifle components are being produced in-house, most likely the upper and lower receivers. Other than that, the rifles sport imported Magpul components, Adams Arms gas piston conversions, Daniel Defence rail systems, Hogue grips, and Tactical Systems suppressors from the Ukraine. Some photographs show the rifles with Nightforce scopes, Harris (or imitation) bipods, and interestingly enough, M-Lok machined forends.

    Whether or not this claim of procurement interest is substantiated, we don’t know at the current time. However, what is substantial is that elements of the Ukranian 79th Air Assualt Brigade have been actively using donated Z-10 rifles in the field. This unit has seen some of the heaviest action in the current conflict, at one time becoming known as “Cyborgs” for their staunch defense. Some of these appear to come with digital thermal optics.

    This is a video showing training from the Ukranian SF contingent.



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