Strike Industries J-COMP V2 for 308/7.62 Rifles

    Strike Industries is at it again with a new product release, this week’s new accessory is their J-COMP V2 muzzle brake for rifles (and pistols if you hate your hearing) chambered in .308 or 7.62x51mm with a 5/8×24 thread pitch. A few months back they released their J-COMP V2 for AK-47 variants, they’re also available for 5.56×45/.223 rifles as well. They also recently announced their compact sized WarHog Comp. The Strike Industries J-COMP V2 is a newly updated version of their J-COMP muzzle brake and compensator hybrid that features increased muzzle rise reduction and is compatible with FerFrans and Oppressor blast shields and concussion reduction┬ádevices.

    The 2 chamber style Strike Industries J-COMPs are actually based on the muzzle devices used on the Japanese Howa Type 89 rifle used by the Japan Self-Defense Forces (see below). The J-COMP V1’s were a pretty popular budget option and generally had favorable reviews. The new and improved J-COMP V2 includes a crush washer and is pre-drilled for pinning and welding as well. They are going to retail at just $39.95 over at

    Package includes:
    1x JCOMP 2.0
    1x Crush Washer

    – 2 chamber design greatly increases recoil management
    – Hybrid muzzle brake/compensator
    – Pre-drilled for pinning and welding
    – For .308
    – 5/8×24 Thread Pitch

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