SilencerCo Omega 9SD For the H&K MP5SD

    As I prepare to become two years older since the day I decided to invest in an MP5SD from TPM Outfitters (and I still don’t have it in hand), I find myself staring longingly at pictures of random MP5s and other H&K clones. Don’t feel bad for me (I knew you wouldn’t anyway), I bit into this NFA apple at one of the busiest times in Form 3/4 history. I also realize that it sounds like someone complaining about the brake dust on their new Porsche rims. Anyway, SilencerCo is giving me even more MP5SD porn to lust after. They have  just released the Omega 9SD.

    The new MP5SD-specific silencer has two important features. First, the overall length is reduced to under eight inches as opposed to the ~12″ of the originals and current SD silencer clones. Second, SilencerCo is reporting a further decibel reduction over the “original” MP5SD – even with its reduced length.

    Honestly, the length reduction is a great idea – extending a few inches past the handguard versus six or more inches is a dramatic decrease. My main concerns with the 9SD revolve around maintenance and cost. Reading through the user manual, the silencer doesn’t appear to be user serviceable. Meaning the notoriously dirty ported barrel of the SD will slowly but surely fill the Omega with lead.

    And priced at nearly $1200 means it is about twice the current MP5SD silencer options currently on the market.

    Now, having said all that, I still want one – because it looks and (I bet) sounds great.

    Details, specifications, links and the user manual can be found below.

    • CALIBER: 9MM
    • SKU: 2428
    • MUZZLE AVERAGE: 126.4 DB
    • WEIGHT: 13.7 OZ
    • LENGTH: 7.96″ | 3.45″ PAST THE BARREL
    • DIAMETER: 1.567″ (39.8MM)
    • MSRP: $1180
    • For dealers, contact SilencerCo directly to place an order: [email protected]
    • For military, law enforcement, or government inquiries, contact [email protected]
    • For civilian purchases, place a request through your dealer of choice.

    Omega 9SD

    SilencerCo Omega 9SD:

    The Omega 9SD was designed specifically for one host: the MP5SD. The mount is fully welded and threaded in 18 X 1 to marry the MP5SD perfectly. The Omega 9SD is rated for the MP5SD’s barrel. Suppressors must be free of obstructions such as mud, dirt, etc. Do NOT attempt to shoot through an obstructed suppressor. The Omega 9SD was designed to be used “dry” and free of any ablative media, such as grease and water. If submerged in water, the user must allow a minimum 6 second drain time after exiting the water.


    The Omega 9SD typically requires limited maintenance. If the finish becomes discolored, wipe the suppressor with any high quality gun oil; this should restore the finish to the factory condition. While not required, the end user may submerse the Omega 9SD in solvent, oil, gun cleaner, etc. to remove fouling. Allow the suppressor to drain fully and blow out with compressed air until dry. If necessary, run a cleaning brush through the bore to remove any light fouling. Do not run cleaning patches through the bore as the patches might become lodged in the suppressor and cause damage upon firing. CAUTION: Always read the warning label on any cleaner or solvent, and remember that virtually all solvents are inherently dangerous and potentially toxic. Always use adequate ventilation and both skin and eye protection when using solvents.



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