[Partner 2017] Bosnia & Herzegovina TRB RS 9

    At the Partner 2017 Military and Defense exposition held in Belgrade, Serbia this year, an emerging company from Bosnia and Herzegovina named TRB (recently privatized) had a recently introduced handgun called the RS 9. The RS 9 is a 9x19mm Parabellum semi-automatic, recoiled operated, magazine fed design produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to TRB, the design is based on the legacy Sig Saur P226 and appears to be aiming to replace the Zastava CZ-99 currently in use by the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the selling points the company reps made was that the RS 9 had a larger magazine capacity over the CZ-99’s 15 rounds, with 18 rounds total. The forend has a picatinny rail machined into it to accommodate various light attachments. So far it appears that the handgun is a Double Action/Single Action operation, with an external hammer and no de-cocker (unlike the Sig P226 it is based on). So far it also appears that the frame is aluminum with removable grip inserts, but without any further knowledge of the handgun, this is hard to confirm. The magazines have a polymer base plate curved and sloped to the front of the handgun, but have a similar curve, in the opposite direction, on the rear of the magazine baseplate. This is a feature very rarely seen, if at all among most handgun designs.


    This Bosnian forum had some in-depth photographs of the handgun. Army Recognition released an exposition video that featured the TRB company and the CEO talking, but the RS 9 only appeared for a brief instant in the video-


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