“The Devil Went Down to… Arizona!” to help William Ruger make the MK I

    MK IV

    Many of us were truly elated to see that Ruger had come out with their MK IV pistol that disassembles at the mere push of a button. Sadly, this answer to all of our problems… had a problem. It was recently recalled and has many consumers scratching their head again looking at competitor’s pistols like the Smith & Wesson Victory. Fairly easy disassembly, but it does require a tool.

    With all of this recent press about the hatred for complex disassembly procedures a satirical story was posted by one of our own TFB commenters. It has made its rounds through the internet before, but if you are hearing it for the 1st time it is pretty funny, all things considered.

    As the legend goes…

    Many years ago the Devil met with Saint William of Ruger. Appearing before him in a stink of sulfur he proclaimed… ‘Behold! I will give you the best .22 long rifle pistol you have ever seen! Never fail… Never jam… Never quit on you. In exchange, I will gladly accept your soul.’

    Saint William of Ruger said, ‘I would like to know how it works.’

    The Devil proceeded to show him how it worked, how it operated, and how it came to be.

    Saint William of Ruger asked, ‘How does this thing come apart?’

    The Devil said, ‘For that I am going to need your soul.’

    Saint William of Ruger said, ‘I’ll figure it out…’

    Fatal last words…

    In all seriousness, hopefully Ruger can get their recall put behind them and all the MK IV pistols that are in circulation appropriately corrected. So far, the Ruger MK IV has shown quite a bit of promise for an ease-of-use, target pistol.

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