POTD: Ridiculously Coupled AK Magazines

    After posting yesterday’s long and curved AR15 Magazine, I came across something similar for the AK47.


    The top photo looks like someone coupled two of these mags above. Anyone have hands on experience with these ridiculous magazines? It looks like there is some sort of stabilizer at the other end of the magazine, where it almost touches the muzzle. But how would you insert and remove this giant magazine? AK mags need to tilt forward to be removed. If you tried to do this with the magazine above, the bottom of the magazine hits the barrel. Maybe you have to twist the mag body to the side and then the bottom of the mag can clear the barrel and you can remove the magazine?

    In the top photo I believe those are two 100 rd magazines. I cannot imagine trying to shoot an AK with 200 rounds on it. Although a beltfed wouldnt be so bad. This just looks impractical.