Galil ACE M-LOK Handguards Coming From Midwest Industries

    The release of the Galil ACE has been met with generally positive reviews. The weapon system, basically an updated Galil/AK is picking up a reputation for being attractive, reliable, and usable with new features welcome including AR-style magazine compatibility on the .308, a top-mounted picatinny rail, and generally more ergonomic interfaces.

    But, the weapon is decided old-school when it comes to accessory attachment. While the top rail is truly a step in the right direction, all ACE’s currently offered have no provision for the attachment of accessories to handguards. With tactical weapons almost requiring weapon lights, lasers, grips, and various tactical accoutrements, this omission is surprising.

    Seeing this, Midwest Industries, Inc. has stepped up to the fore and has listed their forthcoming “MI Galil ACE Extended Length Handguard, M-LOK compatible” on their website. The new offering features M-LOK across 12.5 inches of rail. Further, six anti-rotation QD slots are included, three on each side, for mounting your favorite sling.

    Various models are public, including models for the 5.56, 7.62×39, and .308 Galic ACE weapons. All rails are manufactured with 6061 T6 aluminum, around 8.2 ounces, and a scant 1.64 inches in width. The MI Galig rails are all mil-spec anodized and include Midwest Industries’ Lifetime Warranty. Retail is set at $189.95.

    Availability on Midwest Industries’ website is set as “Coming Soon” but photos of production representative parts are already populating the listings so it cannot be too long now… 


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