Bigshooterist Talks About His Frankengun (971D)

    Jeff of Bigshooterist YouTube channel has released a video where he talks about the machine gun that he has created. This is a very strange looking firearm, to say the least. This gun is made of all kind of different gun parts fitted together to become an ultimate Frankengun.

    Bigshooterist even has a model designation for this gun – 971D. “9” means that it is chambered in 9mm (9x19mm), “71” is the amount of cartridges in the drum magazine (Suomi drum) and “D” designates the spade grip. The barrel jacket is taken from a Browning M1919 A4 machine gun. The upper receiver and the bolt are borrowed from MAC-11 and the lower receiver is an FN FAL one. The 971D also has an enormously high rate of fire of 1600rpm!

    For more details watch the video below:

    Why did they make this gun? What this gun can be used for? Why spend so much time to build this kind of a gun? Well, maybe it is totally impractical and useless, but there are two words that come to my mind – “cool” and “fun”. I would love to see more people experimenting with firearms and coming with such unusual and weird Frankengun designs! After all, who wouldn’t like to get behind this beast and dump the 71 round drum in full auto?

    Hrachya H

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