Nyet! Billet Is Fine! The AK Billet Stock from SLR Rifleworks

    Hey SLR Rifleworks does not need no stinking low-cost manufacturing methods, instead, they have opted for the most expensive option to create an AK stock – milling it from a large block of billet material. Commonly, AK stocks are either mass-produced wood or manufactured from bended sheet metal. Arguably quite ugly, the sheet metal stocks have served the Kalashnikov platform well until now.

    Seeing the opportunity to add complexity to simplicity but add aesthetics is SLR Rifleworks. SLR, known for their excellent adjustable AR gas blocks, extruded aluminum rails, and muzzle devices has seen to tackling the Kalashnikov platform. Previously, SLR limited its adventures with the AK platform to handguards and muzzle devices. Now, they have seen to give the rifle a butt lift.

    The new AK Billet Stock is a svelte design, adding in a bit of function while staying close to the sheetmetal inspiration. The length of pull is kept to a minimum, with the stock only 7.5″ long. The 6061 aluminum billet is milled to 9.5 ounces and adds common Q/D sling swivel cups on both the left and right side. Attachment to the weapon is via the two-bolt pattern common to ACE and similar side-folding mechanisms.

    Retail pricing is pegged at $110, with an introductory price set at $99.


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