Winchester Expands XPR Rifle Line. Again.

    After exiting the firearms market for years, Winchester has been making a push back into them in a big way. The ammunition business certainly is the largest, but it’s good to see Winchester working to stay in touch with its roots – especially focusing on hunting arms instead of tackling the tactical market.

    True to this, Winchester has announced various updates to their XPR line of bolt-action rifles. The new for 2017 options start with the XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range model. The XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range features polymer stock in Mossy Oak Mountain Country Range pattern. Further, it keeps the well-liked M.O.A trigger and Perma-Cotes a matter blued surface on all metal surfaces to avoid glare and scaring off game. The weapon is capped off with a detachable box magazine, Inflex Technology recoil pad, and two-position thumb safety. Calibers will range from .243 Winchester to .338 Winchester Magnum (caliber coincidence, perhaps?). Barrels will range from 22″ to 26″. Retail for all is set at $599.99

    For those of smaller stature, the other new offering will be a welcome option. The XPR Hunter Compact is set up with a shorter length of pull (13″) for younger and/or smaller shooters. The XPR Hunter Compacts will only be available in short-action from .243 Winchester to .325 Winchester Short Magnum (another caliber naming coincidence?). Retail is same as the XPR Hunter Mountain Country Range at $599.

    Features (Courtesy of Winchester):

    • M.O.A. Trigger System
    • Bolt unlock button
    • Nickel TeflonĀ® on bolt body
    • Detachable box magazine
    • Advanced polymer stock
    • Compact models feature shorter 13″ length of pull
    • Perma-CoteĀ® matte black metal surfaces
    • Inflex Technology Recoil Pad
    • Steel recoil lug
    • Receiver is machined from solid steel bar stock
    • Two-position thumb safety
    • Button-rifled, free-floated steel barrel
    • Recessed target crown



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