H&K VP9SK Threaded Barrels From Rim Country Manufacturing

    If you are not familiar with Rim Country Manufacturing, let’s take a moment to get acquainted. RCM provides a large percentage of the parts used in many of the U.S. made Heckler & Koch patterned firearms. With an emphasis on barrels and actions, they provide access to parts that are either not available anywhere or are overly expensive due to importation regulations or overall availability.

    Case in point, after last month’s TFB review of the H&K VP9SK, I was disheartened to learn that factory threaded barrels for the new pIstook were still months away. Luckily, as if they were reading my mind, RCM posted a barrel glamour shot to their Instagram feed. (Don’t forget to check out the MAD MP5 bolt heads too.)

    Details and pricing below.


    MSRP: $170.00

    Each VPSK-T barrel machined from ordnance grade steel, heat treated then Nitrided inside and out. This is the finest threaded replacement barrel available for the HK VP9SK 9mm pistol. The perfect barrel for use as a spare or for adding threaded items such as sound suppressors. Each VP9SK Tactical barrel is a drop in replacement for your HK VP9 9mm pistol. Thread Protector included.

    • Button rifled bore for use with jacketed & non-jacketed ammunition
    • Tactical threaded barrel threaded 1/2-28
    • 1:10 right hand twist
    • 4140R stress relieved & properly heat treated steel
    • Micro polished feed ramp
    • Machined to exact tolerances for proper fitment
    • Finished inside and out in the “Nitride” process for enhanced service life
    • 100% made in the U.S.A

    Rim Country Manufacturing

    About RCM:

    RCM Inc. was started in 1998, in a 2800 square foot facility in Pine Arizona.

    At the time, we were primarily machining aerospace parts for various job shops in the Phoenix area. It wasn’t long before we grew in size, and developed an interest in machining gun parts, especially assault rifle and submachine gun parts. We started producing HK-style parts for the MP-5, including carriers, bolts, extractors, trunnions, barrels, and even receivers. We also started producing 5.56 NATO barrels for the 93 series HK assault rifle, and 7.62 NATO barrels for the 91 series of HK assault rifles. This remains one of our best product lines thanks to the precision, quality, and reputation RCM has earned in the HK parts business.

    Rim Country Manufacturing – Facebook


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