Hogue Freedom Fighter California AR-15 Fixed Mag Kit

    If you’re not already tired of another California compliant AR-15 part post here’s another one coming down the pipeline from Hogue. They’re putting together their own fixed mag conversion kit to help Californians make their ARs California compliant. They’re calling their kit the Freedom Fighter Fixed Magazine Conversion Kit. Kinda funny that you’d use a kit called the “Freedom Fighter” for a rifle you’re making compliant to California’s laws.

    There are already a few other fixed mag kits for California compliant ARs on the market. There’s the Cross Armory SAFE MAG release, the Patriot Pin and the AR Mag Lock. Like with the other kits on the market the Freedom Fighter kit from Hogue fixes your magazine in place, you can only release the magazine after you have removed the upper receiver from the lower receiver. The downside of Hogue’s kit is it requires you to drill into your AR’s lower receiver, the other kits on the market don’t require any permanent modifications. The upside is the kit from Hogue includes a jig and all the parts to modify up to three rifles. Hogue recommends you take your rifle to a gunsmith to install the parts, or you can attempt it yourself. The video below shows how to install the kit. The kit will retail for $42.99 and is currently available for pre-order over at Brownells.com.

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