Beating Industry Expectations: Sharps Rifle Company Expands their Manufacturing


    While many firearm companies in the last year are having layoffs, consolidation or talk of bankruptcy, Sharps Rifle Company looks to expand. They recently dropped a press release statement through “The Shooting Wire” on July 12th detailing their excited expansion.

    Expansion of the Sharps Rifle Company has begun by increasing manufacturing capabilities with a multimillion dollar facilities expansion. The company is consolidating manufacturing with a new location on the Treasure Coast of Florida. Company management sees growth opportunities in the rifle parts business as natural expansion of its successful 25-45 rifle line and bolt carrier business. Sharps will retain its Glenrock Wyoming location now dedicated to ammunition production, delivery fulfillment, and customer service.

    ‘I am personally excited to see this phase of our growth plan materialize, while others have retreated from expansion Sharps has invested heavily in new machining capabilities and in the human capital required to deliver the same innovative, high quality rifles and components that have been the trademark of the Sharps brand since 1848.’ stated company CEO Jay Johnston.

    With this expansion, Sharps brings online a high capacity state of the art production facility centered on producing the highest quality rifle barrels and high demand firearm parts. This will be accomplished via recently acquired, technologically advanced, precision CNC and Gundrill machines. The initial launch will focus on producing small arms barrels in Premium, Match, Ultra Match grades. Several OEM contracts are in hand and initial deliveries are slated for August 1, 2017. Sharps remains dedicated to delivering and exceeding the standards the world expects from the continuation of the Christian Sharps legacy.

    ‘I am proud to have joined the Sharp’s team after my many years of experience in firearms manufacturing. I am dedicated to enhancing production capabilities and expanding product offerings by Sharps. My focus is on manufacturing high quality components through efficient, streamlined and precision applied techniques at our new state of the art facility in Florida as well as our proven operation in Wyoming’ stated Director of Manufacturing Eric Iverson.

    Sharps Rifle Company looks forward to a prosperous venture in the State of Florida and continued success in the State of Wyoming.

    While I will not debate the usefulness of the .25-45 Sharps here, the Sharps Rifle Company has had a strong enough demand where they have found it necessary to expand. Regardless of how you feel about the caliber or the company, that is good news for the firearms industry as a whole. Rising tide raises all ships. Hopefully more companies in the industry see a trend of growth and expansion throughout the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2017 as well.

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