Dickson was at H&K in Germany. While on tour, he had this photo taken of him wielding an H&K G28.

    That was taken at the H&K Germany Showroom as they do not have a “grey room” there. It’s a smaller meeting room consists of mainly their current products.


    Here is H&K’s blurb on the rifle.

    The G28 is a military version of the civilian semi automatic competition rifle MR308. Deployed in the established 7.62 x 51 caliber, the “Designated Marksman Rifle” (DMR) ensures accuracy of 1.5 MOA whilst enabling a full night fighting capability.  Providing a maximum effective range and a high first round hit probability up to 600 meters, the G28 will also allow suppressive fire against man size targets accurately up to 800 meters.

    With its green brown tone, the G28 offers a camouflage colour scheme that is being accepted around the world. An additional conversion kit supports user and mission specific requirements where the G28 can be configured to a Patrol version and be used as an Assault rifle.