The True Difficulty of a 2.2 Mile Sniper Shot – By TiborasaurusRex

    A lot of ado has been made over the recent extreme long range confirmed kill by the Canadian sniper. A confirmed kill past 1,000 yards is impressive by itself, but to truly have a confirmed kill past 2 miles is a feat of legend – as it has been made to be.

    Those of us not experienced in extreme long range shooting take the distance for granted. With 800 yards stretching the limits of an AR-15 in 5.56 and 1000 being a well-respected range for the .308 Winchester, its hard to fathom a 3,800 yard shot.

    Fortunately, there are those who put their passion into relatable videos, such as one TiborasaurusRex. Where T-Rex can get off into the technical weeds once or twice and occasionally repeat himself in repetition for triplicate’s sake, he is a well-respected technical extreme long range shooter. Working with Colin Burns, a very-well respected ballistician, he breaks down how that shot would even be possible.

    Hint – Its very hard and takes some specialized equipment.

    As an added bonus, Rex and Burns really look at the exact equipment the Canadian sniper would have likely had, a Schmidt and Bender PMII scope on top of a McMillan Tac-50 rifle.

    Was it lucky or skill? Watch the video to make an informed decision for yourself. If anything, you will truly appreciate the complexity of that shot and the skill it took to even be lucky.


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