SEXYTIME – Italian Pistol Design By Technostudio Engineering

    Obviously, these images from Technostudio Engineering are just CAD renderings of what someday might come to life as a real pistol. Even still, they are quite beautiful and evoke thoughts of Bond villains or intergalactic battles between good (obviously humans) and evil (squid-faced aliens).

    Currently there are two Technostudio pistol designs: a traditional index finger trigger activation model and a thumb actuated trigger model. That’s right, your thumb. Both versions feature a low bore axis for a more stable shooting platform.

    Obviously, details are slim in this phase of development, and my mastery of the Italian language and as well as polymer handgun design are even less. But I’m looking forward to seeing where this project from Technostudio Engineering lands. Email contact information for a company representative can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Tecnostudio – roughly Translated From Armi E Tiro (Hit The Target):

    Tecnostudio engineering is a Villa Carcina (Bs) specialized for decades in the design and manufacture of weapons. He worked on the development of many important projects for leading companies in the sector. His most recent creation is New Edge, an innovative polymer semiautomatic pistol that in addition to the classic drum configuration with a conventional trigger, optionally has an innovative keg (patented) … does not trigger! In fact there is the trigger, only that is controlled by the thumb instead of the index, as in the totality of competitors. The difference is substantial: with a drum of this kind, there are four fingers engaged in control of the weapon and, consequently, the detection is much more effectively countered. This feature has been confirmed thanks to movies with high-speed cameras last generation. In addition to the two drums, the company has also developed a tactical module for turning the gun rifle.

    The antique weapons buffs will remember, perhaps, that of the nineteenth century, in recent years was another Italian to grapple with a shutter system controlled by the thumb, for rifles and carbines: Pieri was called but, of course, the system was never experimented with a semiautomatic pistol, for more polymeric!

    Techno Studio

    Francesco Ghitti – Technostudio

    To develop the gun, we narrowly studied the aiming distance, the distance between the last finger in the pistol grip and the longitudinal axis of the barrel of the today produced guns, with the aim of minimize it to make the gun much more stable.

    So, we got a no trigger pistol, in which this aiming distance is reduced to the minimum value that the mechanical makes it possible, since the power take-off distance is no longer based on the middle finger as last finger available in the handle, but on the index one.

    All makes the New Edge gun surprisingly stable during firing, totally avoids harmful side rotation of the gun axis and it entails a zero detention.

    We also carried out a series of test in accordance with the standard of shots concentration at a distance of 82 feet, comparing our prototype with a Glock 17 and a Beretta Px 4. These tests, performed by the same shooter, has shown that the G17 has fired 10 shots over a 12 x 4 inches area placed 16 inches from the established centre, the Beretta Px 4 hit an equal area placed 14 inches from the centre, while our New Edge prototype hit the centre in a 2 inches diameter area, due to its exceptional stability.

    From this same project, we have also created a more “traditional” gun, a model with trigger, which, however, it has the same benefits and innovations, because it also keeps the aiming distance extremely low.

    Carbine Version:


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