SilencerCo Harvested – From Field To Plate With Jeremiah Doughty

    As summer reaches is stride, this is the time that hunters start to get their first taste of the coming season. In a few weeks, rifles will be zeroed, shotguns patterned and camo drug out from storage. Myself, I’m hoping to make my first silenced turkey hunt with a Remington 870 adorned with a Salvo shotgun suppressor. In the first installment of this year’s Harvested series produced by SilencerCo, they team up with chef Jeremiah Doughty for an Axis Deer hunt followed by a meat preparation tutorial.

    Now, TFB is not a hunting or outdoors blog, so I’ll be brief – Doughty is a wild game chef who believes in humane hunting that provides unprocessed meat for fulfilling recipes. Of course, SilencerCo Harvester suppressors are used throughout the video embedded below.

    I have been playfully critical of some of SiCo’s hipster-esque marketing in the past. However, the Harvested series is expertly produced, well thought out and beautifully shot. Even with all the beard shots, if you are an outdoorsman or hunter, this video is worth the watch.

    SilencerCo Harvested


    SilencerCo Releases First Film, HARVESTED: From Field to Plate with
    Wild Game Chef Jeremiah Doughty, in New Harvested Series
    WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – July 6, 2017 – In their first released film for their new season of Harvested, SilencerCo teamed with Wild Game Chef Jeremiah Doughty in “HARVESTED: From Field to Plate,” to bring a fresh perspective to hunting and the logic behind eating wild game.

    Watch the video here:

    “Pulling the trigger is the least exciting part for me.” Said Doughty, while discussing the role hunting plays in his life. This is the last thing you would expect to hear from a hunter, but Doughty explains that pulling a trigger only represents a fractionally small amount of time in the story of a hunt. “As soon as you pull the trigger, that part is over, but I’ve now got six months worth of food.”

    Having food is a small part of why Doughty hunts. While conducting a study for a magazine publication, Doughty learned that an average steak in a grocery store is touched by anywhere from 50 – 100 hands or machines. Additionally, consumers know very little – if anything at all – about where that piece of meat came from. As a husband and father who makes providing good, healthy food for his family a top priority, this didn’t sit well with Doughty.

    During the age of information when we can find out almost anything at the touch of a button, is it any wonder people are starting to look deeper into where their food comes from? As the desire to understand the origins of our food grows, so does the desire to consume only the most local, healthy, and beneficial sustenance possible.

    “In addition to the increased health aspects associated with consuming wild game, we think that all hunters should be able to hunt without compromising their hearing.” Said Matt Pinnell, Public Relations Specialist for SilencerCo. “Eating healthier food and shooting suppressed to negate hearing loss go hand-in-hand – both are issues centered around an individual’s health.”

    In Harvested: From Field to Plate, we link up with Doughty as we pursue Axis deer. Come along on the journey and see how an allergy to beef and processed meat lead to a life of hunting, and why Doughty’s favorite part of the hunt is after the trigger has been pulled.

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