Walther Releases Non Race Gun Long Slide PPQ for Duty Use

    In my opinion, Walther is one of a few significantly underappreciated handguns here in the US. Long known for quality manufacturing and renowned for their ergonomic grips on their handguns. The redesigned PPQ is an excellent handgun and it pains me as a shooter that Walther had to create the “M2” model that removed the ambi trigger guard magazine release to make due for an “American” style push-button release.

    However, it does not pain me to see their latest release, the PPQ M2 5″ Standard model which takes the ergonomics and reliability of the normal PPQ and fuses it with a non race-gun slide from the PPQ Q5 Match series. This gives officer a longer slide and barrel for additional ballistic energy – but more importantly a longer sight radius for better shots on target.

    The PPQ M2 5″ Standard maintains all the well-known PPQ standard features including its excellent factory trigger. PPQs have three safeties similar to the Glock including two drop-safeties. The handgun comes standard with both front and rear slide serrations, and a removable backstrap for the adjusting the size of the grip to the shooter’s preference.

    A standard-capacity model and 10-round model are offered. Pricing was not included in the release, but will likely be between the standard M2 at $649 and the Q5 Match offered at $869.


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