U.S. Rifle Grenades of WWII

    Corey joined us for a talk about rifle grenades and launchers in use by U.S. Infantrymen during the Second World War. Particularly we focused on the M1 Launcher for the M1903 Springfield rifle, however we also discussed some of the aspects of the M7 Launcher for the M1 Garand, and a very similar one for the M1 Carbine.

    The rifle grenade as an HE solution filled the range gap between a hand grenade, and a 60mm mortar. Often forgotten about when discussing Second World War small arms, the rifle grenade played an important role in a squad’s firepower and in what it could bring to bear against a fortified enemy position.

    Unfortunately, the grenades we had on hand weren’t live and at a demolition range, or else that would be a fantastic test. For the video we were able to use two rubber dummies, and one original WWII dummy that we didn’t actually fire.

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