Thompson Machine’s Modular .22LR Suppressor – The Horizon

    When it comes to current silencer trends, modular is king. And for good reason – with all of the ridiculous restrictions placed on the making, transferring, owning and possessing of National Firearms Act (NFA) items like silencers in the United States, the ability to run one Silencer in multiple configurations is huge. Building on this theme, silencer manufacturer Thompson Machine has just released the Horizon 22 rimfire can.

    The Horizon is obviously sold as one unit, but can be configured in dozens of different lengths by using a combination of screw-together baffles. With four “long” baffles and six short baffles, the rimfire suppressor can be optimized for length or overall performance.

    Manufactured from Titanium and Aluminum, the Horizon weighs in at only four ounces when assembled in the longest configuration. Obviously, again due to stupid outdated NFA laws, even though the Horizon is like grown-up Legos, only one silencer can be assembled at a time.

    Personally, I love it. Manufacturers like Thompson Machine are pouring time and money into R&D, despite the alleged market downturn and heavy regulation. I can’t wait to try the Horizon.

    Thompson Machine Modular Horizon 22:

    (Major points for the ode to the HK-backward-bullet snafu.)

    From Brooks at TM:

    It is called the Horizon .22. It is totally modular, and can be configured in anywhere from 1.25″ to 6.85″ in length. It has two sizes of baffle (all are interchangable) so that you can custom tune it to your particular host gun. (I.E. My favorite configuration on a 16″ .22LR rifle is six short baffles which yields 4.25″ in length. My favorite on a .22LR pistol is 4 long baffles and 3 short baffles which yields 5.25″ in length).

    In the 6.85″ configuration, it is the quietest production .22LR silencer I have ever heard on both pistol and rifle hosts. It weighs under 4oz in its full configuration and materials are Grade 5 Titanium and 7075 T6 Aluminum. MSRP is probably going to be right around $449.


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