FirstSpear’ MultiMag – Modular Magazine Pouch Adjustable WITHOUT Bungees!

    I love me some tacos, incredibly useful and capable of accepting most (gun) food, they have been a staple of war belts and chest rigs for nearly the last decade. Why? HSGI’s bungee-infused design was the first truly useful multi-magazine pouch out there. Plus, it just looked tacticool.

    It seems that FirstSpear is out to spoil the party for HSGI with their new Multimag system. Instead of using exterior bungees, the Multimag uses a “rapid adjust” mechanism inside the pouch. By rotating the knob, the user is able to individually adjust the tension upon the pouch’s contents.

    Not content to only hold its contents, the Multimag is set up to handle additional pouches mounted to the exterior. Using the high-speed laminated materials, the pouch is kept to an absolute minimum size with no bungees or other items on the exterior able to be caught on the environment.

    The promo video shows The Multimag handing all the usual suspects including standard 5.56 options, a SCAR-17 (.308) magazine, and the common AK PMAG, indicating it should be able to handle everything the Taco can. Added to the mix are electronics, including common Android and iPhone devices. Additional inserts for dual pistol magazines and other items are mentioned, but not shown in detail.

    With all of the benefits of the HSGI offering with none of the exterior messiness, this could truly be higher-speed, lower-drag. But, higher-speed comes at a price. Pre-orders are set at $48.85 a pouch for black/solid colors and $50.85 for MultiCam!



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