Spotting Scopes Gone Wild – The KDG Optics Hub

    I, for one, have enjoyed watching the civilian market develop “tactical” products. Often, the innovations are brilliant – look at the ultra-lightweight pouches for vests and M-LOK as examples of civilian organizations putting their best foot forward. On the other side, we get things like the tactical nuts vertical foregrip. I guess one just has to take the good with the bad.

    Fortunately for us, more often than note companies hit the mark and sometimes surprisingly so. The latest surprise comes courtesy of Kinetic Development Group, a company normally known for their SCAR and Kinect M-LOK Q/D accessories. Leaping further into the optics market, they have announced the Optics HUB – an M-LOK “Spotting Scope Housing” manufactured of aerospace aluminum.

    Outside the welcome step of up-armoring an expensive Leupold spotting scope (thought it will fit many others), the HUB is a full optics accessory mounting suite complete with 22 M-LOK slots for the tactical and 14 1/4″ threaded common camera-style threaded inserts for commercial accessories.

    Weight is minimal at 18.8 ounces with the unit “milspec hard anodized earth brown finish. For mounting, M-LOK slots are on the bottom including another 6x 1/4-20” threaded inserts for mounting to most standard tripods.

    KDG mentions they plan to offer additional accessories including a forward NODS mount and rear DSLR mount for those who enjoy Twilight and shooting for success, respectively. Retail pricing is set at $179 and is in-stock over at KDG’s website.


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