POTD: ID That Headstamp

    I am hoping to use the wide expertise and assistance of our readers to help out Keith in identifying these rounds.

    I was rooting around in my dad’s stuff and came across a bunch of old brass, specificaly .30-06. Most has been fired but I also have a quantity of Frankfort Arsenal (about 300 cases, most still in the FA boxes) primed brass. The primer on the boxes indicate this grey primer as T53.

    I’m curious about some of this. For example, 2nd row up, middle case says Super-X (which is Winchester) and 30-G-1906. I’ve never seen a headstamp quite like that one… Or… Just to its left is a Peters 28 stamp. Is that the year of manufacture or a lot number? And in the top row just to the right of center is an R A 43 headstamp with a different primer crimp. Third row up on the left side is a DEN 43 stamp. A Denver arsenal?