Irony? German Company Releases “We The People” 1911

    I try not to be possessive¬†of Holidays, knowing that everyone from around the world can celebrate them. In fact, I try to welcome as much as possible. However, Independence Day is a sacred day to me, having served my beloved country. So, it feels just a tinge of “cultural appropriation” that Sig Sauer (admittedly, Sig Sauer USA, but the German-owned company nonetheless) puts out the “We The People” 1911. This is something I would expect Colt or Wilson Combat to do.

    And then I saw the handgun… It’s freaking awesome, and all thoughts reservations left my mind. I realized the error of my ways and must apologize for such heinous thoughts. Sig has shown itself worthy of being an American company.

    The “We The People” 1911 is a .45 that patriotic enough to demand attention and demure enough to actually carry. The handgun features custom aluminum grips replete with 5 pointed stars and the “distressed” stainless slide and frame are a nice compliment with another 13 stars on top of the slide with “We The People” and “1776” adorning the blaster as front serrations.

    The handgun is rounded out by an ambidextrous thumb safety, SIG’s well-known external extractor, what looks to be a nitrided barrel and low-profile night-sights. Retail is reasonable, listed at $1,481.

    However, I really want the grip panels. Dear Sig – please sell these as aftermarket accessories?


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